About Us

Meet Vanessa Soto, the creative mind behind Enchanted Designs. With a passion for crafting personalized treasures, Vanessa is on a mission to make every moment magical. By day, she is a dedicated teacher, guiding and inspiring young minds. But beyond the classroom, Vanessa embraces her roles as a loving wife and a cherished bonus mom, cherishing family bonds and the beauty of every relationship.

Enchanted Designs reflects Vanessa's attention to detail and heartfelt approach. With each creation, she weaves a touch of enchantment, infusing love and care into every piece. Her journey began with a challenge from a realtor friend, igniting her desire to craft the perfect closing gift - a personalized lazy susan.

At Enchanted Designs, the focus is on you. Vanessa offers preset designs, but she delights in getting to know her clients and bringing their unique visions to life. Her commitment to creating a special connection with each customer extends beyond the transaction. She believes in celebrating life's milestones and successes together, building a genuine sense of community through social media and fostering lasting bonds.

Vanessa's love for personalization shines through in her products, making every piece a cherished memory. Whether it's a wedding gift, an anniversary surprise, or a thoughtful closing gift, Enchanted Designs adds that touch of magic that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Contact us at EnchantedDesignsByVanessa@gmail.com or via text at 773-704-4660.